March 4, 2021

Uber begins tomorrow its helicopter service with driver

The car rental company with driver Uber will begin Tuesday the helicopter service that will connect the central New York island of Manhattan with one of the airports that serve the city, the John F. Kennedy, with a price per race of between 200 and 225 dollars, although he assured a few weeks ago that the price of the service can vary according to the demand, like its terrestrial division. The company launches its "Uber Copter" through the Uber Elevate division, a branch that launched three years ago to explore the possibilities of shared air transport and that will be available to its members with platinum and diamond status.

In addition to the air route, it also includes the car race from the client's house to a heliport in the lower area of ​​the island and the journey to the JFK will be half an hour in front of the hour or even two that lasts by road, subway or train. "This is a trip that many travelers make every day and we see the opportunity to save them a lot of time," Uber Elevate head Eric Allison recently said. Two pilots will be in charge of chauffeuring and will be able to travel up to five passengers. In Dubai they already offer the same service but in the tourism section: 12 minutes of flight for 142 euros.

In Manhattan, it is forbidden to install heliports on the roofs of buildings after an aircraft crashed into a building in 1977 and caused the death of five people, so these aerial vehicles use facilities on the banks of the East River and the river. Hudson, who bathe the city.

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