UATAE estimates that Holy Week will create 21,000 new freelancers in April

The organization of self-employed UATAE has calculated that the Holy Week will create about 21,000 new workers, so April will close with some 41,643 more affiliates to the Special Regime of Self-Employed Workers (RETA), in seasonally adjusted terms.

Taking into account that at the end of March there were 20,743 self-employed more than in the same period of 2018, after Holy Week, 21,000 new jobs will have been created on their own, according to a UATAE study.

In the case of confirming the estimates of this organization, this year there would be 192,235 self-employed more than five years ago.

The general secretary of UATAE, María José Landaburu, has valued this growth although she has regretted that it is unequal, according to zones and sectors and that it suffers from a high seasonality.

The social protection of the self-employed must be equal to that of employed workers in matters such as unemployment, sick leave or maternity, he has urged in a press release, and has reiterated that the fair rate would be for real income.


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