February 28, 2021

U.S. Vice President says Trump has fulfilled a promise of reconstruction

US Vice President Mike Pence said Friday in Florida that the government of President Donald Trump has fulfilled in two and a half years his promise to "rebuild the country" and proof of this are the 6 million new positions of work created.

During a speech he gave at the headquarters of the Miller Electric company, in Jacksonville, in the northeast of the state, Pence stressed that "there are more open jobs than people looking for."

Accompanied by the eldest daughter of the president, Ivanka Trump, and the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, Pence welcomed the growth rate of the employment rate in this state, which exceeds the national average.

The vice president thanked Miller Electric for joining the initiative called "Promise to the United States Workers", which is supervised by Ivanka Trump and has 300 companies as participants, including Walmart, Home Depot and General Motors.

Developed by the National Council for the American Worker, this plan focused on job training has achieved "12 million job opportunities" in its first year of creation, completed this month, Pence announced.

"We are committed to each American having access to tools to fulfill his dream," even for those who made bad decisions, said the vice president.

"People who have been forgotten will no longer be, that will be so," he added.

After his arrival in Jacksonville, the vice president paid a visit to Operation New Hope, an organization that offers workshops, training and advice to ex-desires who wish to return to the labor market.

It is "a model program not only in Florida but also in the United States," he said.

At a discussion table, in which he participated with Ivanka Trump and DeSantis, the vice president congratulated the founder of the organization, Kevin Gay, for launching a program "that has really marked the pace."

He stressed that while 24% of ex-prisoners return to jail in the first five years of freedom, that percentage is reduced to 8% in the case of those enrolling in Operation New Hope.

"Jacksonville is the city of second chances," said Pence, who will return to Washington this Friday.

The president of the Florida Democratic Party, Terrie Rizzo, said that the Trump Administration does not mind helping former criminals, because "her party is actively working to deny former criminals the right to vote."

Florida Democratic Congresswoman Tracie Davis, in whose constituency Jacksonville is located, described as "ironic and hypocritical" that Pence come to Florida "to talk about second chances for criminals," while her party wants to take away their "right to vote. making them pay unnecessary fees and fines. "

In the final section of his address at the power company, Pence recalled that when Trump invited him to be part of the current Administration, there were few who thought "we were different," however he discovered that both are fervent believers of the "American dream." ".

"His passion comes from the same source as mine," he said, and then added that their grandparents were immigrants.

He called on his voters to "tell their neighbors about the opportunities that this economy is creating," and that the country is more prosperous than before.

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