September 25, 2020

U.S. Vice President recognizes that there are not “enough” coronavirus tests

US Vice President Mike Pence acknowledged Thursday that in the US There are not “enough” coronavirus tests to cope with the growing demand for the spread of the disease, which has already caused eleven deaths in the country.

“We do not have enough tests today to face what we anticipate will be the demand going forward,” said Pence, commissioned by US President Donald Trump, to lead his Government’s response to the coronavirus crisis, on a visit to a medical equipment plant in Minnesota.

Pence said that as “exams expand in the country, more cases will appear,” although he said most will not have serious problems.

The Senate approved today with the support of a large majority funds of up to 8.3 billion dollars to cope with the spread of this disease.

In total, in the United States there have been two hundred infections with COVID-19 in 17 states, the vast majority on the west coast in the states of Washington and California, with eleven deaths.

Of those deaths, ten belong to the state of Washington and the most recent to the state of California.

The California authorities try to contain the spread of infections of the new COVID-19 coronavirus after the death of a person who was on a cruise, while Tennessee and Nevada reported their first cases and the spread continues in the state of Washington and New York.

The Grand Princess cruise ship, which was scheduled to dock this weekend in San Francisco, shortened its route and is now anchored off the coast of San Francisco with its more than 3,500 passengers on board, after discovering that a person who was there on a previous trip to Mexico he died from COVID-19.


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