June 24, 2021

Two young people die charred in a crash between two vehicles in A Coruña

Two young people have lost their lives in a frontal collision between two vehicles in the municipality of Cerceda, in the province of A Coruña.

In the incident, which occurred last night, the two occupants of the other vehicle involved were injured, reports Emergencies of Galicia.

The collision between the two vehicles occurred at kilometer 3 of the AC-413 road as it passed through the parish of Rodís, in the town of Cerceda, after ten o’clock at night.

According to emergency sources in Galicia, witnesses of the accident explained to the staff of 112 Galicia that after the impact the vehicle in which the two young people were traveling began to burn.

In addition to other emergency services, the fire department of the municipality of Ordes went to the scene of the incident, which put down the car fire and released one of the victims trapped inside, since the other young man was fired from tourism.

In the other vehicle involved two people were traveling, who were injured and were evacuated in an ambulance to a hospital.

One of the relatives of the deceased needed medical assistance after hearing the fatal news, according to the same source.


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