Two young people alerted the Police of the rape of the woman in Malaga

National Police / LP

They followed the victim after leaving the club because they suspected she might be abused. Two of the three arrested are already in prison.

The call was recorded at 3:50 am in the 091 room. Two clients of a nightclub in La Malagueta telephoned the National Police to alert them that a woman was being sexually abused by men. They did not limit themselves to that, but also followed her when she went out into the street and one of the suspects took her to La Malagueta beach, where he allegedly raped her.

The two women remained on the call at all times to narrate what they were seeing. According to her testimony, one of the men had "taken" her out of the nightclub and was holding her because, due to her intoxicated state, she could barely stand up. They also observed that the man was talking on the phone and was walking with the victim towards the beach.

Finally, when the police arrived, the witnesses made signs to the agents to indicate the place where, according to their own statements, they were abusing a girl. That call prevented the second of the detainees, apparently, from sexually forcing the victim.

two arrested

The head of the Court of Instruction number 8 of Malaga has decreed the admission to prison of two of the three detainees for the alleged gang rape on La Malagueta beach early this Monday, May 9.

The arrested passed yesterday at the disposal of the judicial authority. His statements lasted until after midnight given the high volume of detainees for other causes -about twenty- that there were yesterday in the police court.

According to sources close to the case, the magistrate decided to provisionally release the third of those arrested - the 19-year-old boy - based on the scene that the police found when they arrived at the scene.

The officers caught one of the detainees red-handed while apparently sexually forcing the victim, while the second was apparently prepared to do so.

The third of those investigated, although he was in the place near the other two, was not in the same disposition, hence the judge and the prosecutor have considered that his degree of involvement would be less. In addition, it seems that he has no relationship with the other two involved, who are friends or at least acquaintances.

Three arrested for a gang rape on a beach in Malaga

After the testimonials, the appearance was held to study the personal situation of the three arrested for sexual assault. Early in the morning, the judge decided - at the request of the prosecutor - to send two of the detainees to prison and release the third.

The facts that are now being investigated happened around four in the morning. According to what the victim told the police, that night she was having a few beers with a couple of friends in a bar in La Malagueta. At a certain moment, her companions left and she was left alone in the establishment.

It was then that a man approached him - one of those who, in the end, ended up arrested - and they began to chat. There was nothing to make him suspicious and the tone of the conversation was friendly throughout, he told the agents.

When she expressed her intention to return home, he offered to accompany her for a walk on the beach, to which the woman agreed. A few minutes later, in the area where the lyrics of La Malagueta are, the man began to ask her to kiss her and allegedly pounced on her.

After being alerted by a witness, the agents went to the scene and surprised those involved red-handed, as SUR reported. The woman realized that her bag had also been stolen, which the police managed to recover.

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