two years of unemployment and 5 euros more than the month of contribution

two years of unemployment and 5 euros more than the month of contribution


Quote according to real income. It is the next step, the Government's objective to negotiate with autonomous organizations. But before a battery of measures comes into effect this year, in which the minimum contribution bases of these workers increase by 1.25%. The self-employed will enjoy this year's 2019 more protection, but they will also pay for all the contingencies for which the employees are paying: common contingencies, temporary disability, professional accident and occupational diseases, unemployment (cessation of activity) and training.

The minimum base rises 5.36 euros

Two out of every three freelancers contribute for this base, which in 2019 is 944.3 euros per month after increasing 1.25% (5.36 euros per month or 64 euros per year). The contribution rate increases by 0.2 points, from 29.8% to 30%, and will climb to 30.3% in 2020, to 30.6% in 2021 and to 30.9% in the fourth year. For corporate self-employed workers, the increase is 82 euros. This rise is in line with the last few years and below the average that has climbed each year in the last 15 years, by 1.4%, although in accumulated terms it reaches 21.1%.

Labor losses, will not quote the second month

They will collect the benefit for work-related accidents and occupational diseases from the first day of leave and will have continuous training and professional retraining as the rest of the employees. They will stop contributing to the Social Security the second month of sick leave or temporary incapacitation until discharge.

Cessation of activity, up to two years

It improves the benefit for cessation of activity, equivalent to unemployment, which goes from 12 months to 24. An aid that for the self-employed has never worked because they have some requirements in practice impossible to meet. Lorenzo Amor, president of ATA, says that "more than half of the requests are denied. It's incomprehensible. No self-employed person closes on a whim and to receive a benefit of 600 euros for three months. If they request it, it is because they need it and they have paid for it, "he says. From this association, the most representative, has always insisted that it is not logical that there is a benefit that are paying and quoting the self-employed and that can not be charged.

Flat rate, at 60 euros

It goes from 50 to 60 euros. This amount includes the common contingencies and the professionals and the workers who benefit from it will not have to quote for cessation of activity. The requirements for accessing the rate are that the self-employed person has an initial discharge or that he / she would not have been in a situation of high status in the two immediately preceding years. From this year, the agrarian workers are included, but with 50 euros.

Pluriactividad, ex officio

You will not have to claim the refund of the excess of contributions paid to the Social Security in case of multiple activity. These are self-employed who also have a job as employees. For them it is foreseen the 50% reimbursement of the excess in which their contributions for common contingencies exceed the amount that is fixed in the Budgets each year.


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