July 9, 2020

Two years in jail to an exedil for changing the urban planning plan of Valladolid

The Provincial Court of Valladolid has sentenced to two years in jail the former Planning Councilor of Valladolid José Antonio García de Coca (PP) for irregularities in the modification of the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) of 2003.

The sentence also condemns the person responsible for the urban planning area of ​​the Modesto Mezquita town hall and the former coordinator of the same area, Luis Álvarez Aller, one year and three months in prison in each case, for prevarication and falsification in an official document, they reported Tuesday sources of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León (TSJCyL).

The resolution specifically imposes two years in jail on García de Coca and two years of disqualification for a crime of falsehood in an official document and several crimes of prevarication and one year and nine months of disqualification for a crime against artistic heritage.

The court has assessed the mitigating circumstance of undue delay and acquitted the three defendants of the crime of influence peddling of which they had also been charged.

The trial concluded on October 29 at the Valladolid Court, where the former Chief of Planning of the consistory José Luis Cerezo was acquitted in the Courtroom, after the prosecutor withdrew the accusation against him at the trial.

Previously, at the beginning of last October, the Hearing declared prescribed the crimes attributed to a dozen people who were going to be tried for the alleged manipulations in the PGOU sixteen years ago.

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