January 26, 2021

Two women murdered by their partners this weekend | Society

Two women murdered by their partners this weekend | Society

A 58-year-old Spaniard was allegedly stabbed to death by her British husband in Estepona (Málaga) in the presence of her 15-year-old son on Saturday night, and at three o'clock on Sunday afternoon a 46-year-old man has been murdered with a shotgun to his wife, of 43, in his house in Valga (Pontevedra). If confirmed, there will be three deaths due to gender violence since the celebration of Women's Day, because on Friday an 81-year-old man committed suicide after having allegedly killed his wife, 63, with bullets.

The Briton is admitted to the Costa del Sol hospital after having tried to commit suicide. According to sources confirmed by the National Police, there were no previous reports of mistreatment. Police sources have explained that the events occurred on Saturday night in a chalet. There, around 23.45 hours, the man allegedly killed the woman with several stabs in the presence of the couple's 15-year-old son. According to sources at the hospital, the man has minor injuries to both wrists and is stable pending assessment.

For Maria Gámez, sub-delegate of the Government in Malaga, the absence of prior complaints makes it necessary "that the environment of the victim itself be able to transfer these situations of women's helplessness so that we can help them and put on protective measures to avoid cases such as this". "Once again, sadly, macho violence hits Andalusia. Together we will end this scourge. We work hard for it, "he said. Juan Manuel Moreno, president of the Junta de Andalucía, on his Twitter profile. Its about second case of sexist violence happened in Malaga so far this year.

In the Galician case, a marriage has been found dead in Valga (Pontevedra) and everything indicates that it is another macho crime. According to sources at the Pontevedra Government Subdelegation, the woman, María A., 43, was shot dead by her husband, Javier B. F., 47, who later committed suicide. The bodies were found by the victim's sister, who went to the house where the couple lived in the parish of Setecoros, worried that they had not shown up for an appointment they had with her.

The alleged killer had a gun license because he was fond of hunting and had two shotguns, sources close to the investigation explain, so the Civil Guard believes that he committed the crime around 3:00 pm this Sunday with one of these weapons. The couple had two children in common.

If the cases are confirmed, the number of women murdered by their partners or ex-partners will be increased to 12. balance of the Ministry of the Interior; 987 since they began to be counted officially in 2003. The telephone number for victims of gender violence is 016. It does not leave an imprint on the bill, although it is necessary to delete it from the call register.


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