Two women dance for the first time in the Dwarves of La Bajada de La Palma - La Provincia

Two women will dance in 2020 in the Dwarves for the first time in the history of the Lustrales Festival, an act that had been reserved exclusively for men, after it was selected by the jury created for this purpose. Saray Pérez and Gara Lorenzo have been selected, as reported last night by the councilor responsible for the act, Elías Castro.

The tests have consisted of a physical test, in the Roberto Rodríguez Estrello sports center in Santa Cruz de La Palma, and a demonstration of singing and dancing, in the Circo de Marte theater, in which a hundred applicants participated in search of one of the 30 seats.


The tests were behind closed doors, with the presence of only the jury and the candidates, so it is unknown - at least at the end of this edition - the scores obtained by each of them. Even so, this writing has been able to know that the average level shown has been one of the highest remembered.

During the reading of the jury minutes, there was an error in the alleged addition of the scores, which meant that one of the applicants who had initially been chosen as elected was subsequently included in the list of reservations. Elías Castro thanked the participation of all the applicants, as well as the jury, who have contributed their grain of sand so that the result has been "impartial, fair and weighted".

The protagonists of the Dance of the Dwarves were for decades chosen by finger, in what was practically a 'position' that was inherited, until in the last three decades it was decided by a more democratic system. In the 2015 edition, a total of five women were presented to the tests, but none of them managed to be among the 30 people selected.

The dance of the Dwarves of La Palma is one of the main acts of the feasts of La Bajada de la Virgen de las Nieves, in Santa Cruz de La Palma, which is celebrated every five years. It is a tradition that began in 1905 as another show of thanks to the Patroness of the island. This dance was performed so far by 24 men with the same costume to the sound of a polka. In the next edition two women join for the first time.

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