Two women allegedly murdered by their partners and one in critical condition in the last 24 hours in Spain

Between the early hours of Sunday and this Monday there have been three cases of sexist violence in Spain. Two women have been allegedly murdered by their partners in a town in Malaga, Benajarafe, and in the town of Tomelloso, Ciudad Real, while a third is in critical condition after receiving a brutal beating allegedly from her husband in Carballo, A Coruña.

A woman, in critical condition after receiving a brutal beating allegedly from her husband in Carballo

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In the case of Tomelloso —already confirmed by the Government Subdelegation as gender violence— the suspect has not yet been arrested. The 48-year-old woman was murdered this Sunday with a knife while working in a restaurant. When the members of the Civil Guard and the Local Police arrived at the establishment, as well as an ICU, only her death could be certified.

The man who allegedly brutally beat his wife and left her in critical condition in the A Coruña municipality of Carballo he has been arrested. Sources from the Civil Guard have confirmed that, after being on the run throughout the night, he appeared this Monday at around 10:15 a.m. at the A Coruña Command to surrender.

The victim is admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the A Coruña Hospital after the alleged attack, which took place around three in the morning. The 45-year-old woman managed to reach the street with serious head and face injuries. A witness saw her and notified the Civil Guard.

In Benajarafe it has stopped to the partner of the murdered woman, aged 50. This is a 52-year-old man who is admitted to a hospital, guarded by agents, because he has both fractured ankles after trying to flee. In this case the emergency services have not been able to do anything to save his life either.

The 016 serves all victims of sexist violence 24 hours a day and in 52 different languages, as does the [email protected] email; Attention is also provided through WhatsApp through the number 600000016, and minors can contact the ANAR Foundation telephone number 900 20 20 10.

In an emergency situation, you can call 112 or the telephone numbers of the National Police (091) and the Civil Guard (062), and if you cannot call, you can use the ALERTCOPS application, from which information is sent. an alert signal to the Police with geolocation.

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