Two websites in the USA "guide" migrants and advise those who help them

Two websites in the USA "guide" migrants and advise those who help them

They create two websites to help the thousands of Central American immigrants who cross the Mexican territory trying to reach the United States, one serves as a "manual" for travel and another adviser to those who are willing to help them.

As reported by the company Migrant Status, Inc., based in Arizona, creator of the two sites, provides useful information for migrants when they are in transit through Mexico, including the rights they have if they are detained by the Federal Police Mexican or the National Institute of Immigration.

They are warned that no authority can ask for money or sexual favors and if they do they should report them immediately.

The site was created jointly by Rev. Robin Hoover, founder of the Compassionate Frontiers in Arizona group, and reporter Laura Garciandia, based in Mexico City. also warns migrants about the danger of traveling on "La Bestia", the common name given to the freight train that crosses Mexican territory from north to south.

The recommendations are not to trust the machinists, since many times they can work together with kidnappers, do not drink stagnant water or eat rotten food and, above all, never fall asleep on the train.

They are also warned about the "red" points where organized crime operates, the cities where this activity is concentrated and the possibilities of being kidnapped.

Once they arrive at the border they are advised not to cross the Arizona desert, especially during the summer due to the high temperatures, but if they do they must be prepared with cell phones to be able to call 911 or portable lamps to be able to make signals of emergency.

The second site,, seeks to inform individuals, congregations and groups about the different ways in which they can help migrants.

The objective is to establish an information network among these diverse organizations that operate along the routes used by migrants.

In this site there is a map of Mexico showing the "territories" of the Mexican cartels such as Los Zetas, El Golfo and Jalisco Nueva Generación, among others.

There is also a map where the places in the Arizona desert are marked where different organizations place water for drinking, as well as links to the Mexican Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, the National Human Rights Commission of Mexico and a wide list of shelters.


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