November 24, 2020

Two truckers die in frontal crash between two trucks in Soria

Two truckers die in frontal crash between two trucks in Soria

The drivers of two trucks have died this afternoon on the regional road CL-101, in the municipality of Soriano Buberos, in the field of Gomara, after colliding their vehicles head on and dump one of them in the ditch.

The Emergency Center Castilla y León 112 has attended around eight in the afternoon several calls alerting of the accident of two trucks at kilometer 36 of the CL-101 road, in Buberos.

One of the vehicles traveled in the direction of Madrid, the place of origin, and transported barrels of beer, while the other, with a refrigerator trailer of a well-known brand of poultry products, circulated in the direction of Navarra.

The alerters have indicated that two trailers have crashed frontally and one of them has overturned, from which a lot of smoke has come out.

They have also reported that the occupants of the vehicles were trapped and seriously injured.

The room of 112 has warned the Civil Guard of Traffic, the firemen, who have come from the parks of Soria and Ólvega, and Sanitary Emergencies, Sacyl, who has sent a mobile ICU, a basic life support ambulance and the medical team at the Gómara health center.

The medical staff has confirmed at the scene of the accident the death of the two drivers, whose data are unknown at the moment.

The collision occurred on the CL-101, the road that supports the heaviest traffic of heavy vehicles in the province, when the north of the peninsula (Pamplona) communicates with Madrid, through the Gómara and Almazán fields.

The Civil Guard has cut the road for two hours and has enabled the circulation of national 122 and national 234, by Soria-capital.


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