July 15, 2020

Two thirds of the Notre Dame roof have been burnt

Two thirds of the roof of the cathedral of Paris have burned with the fire, explained Tuesday the French minister of Culture, Franck Riester, who stressed that the priority now is to ensure that there are no pockets of fire that are rekindled.

"It still takes a few hours to know the damage to the structure," Riester said in an interview with the radio station "France Info".

The minister said that the fire "a priori is not criminal, and it seems that the fire started from the place where the scaffolds are" that had been raised to restore the arrow that, on the other hand, sank on Monday afternoon.

Riester made a quick recount of some of the main elements of the cathedral and noted that the transept and the north transept have collapsed, but also that "the treasure of Notre Dame de Paris has been saved thanks to the exceptional work of the firemen" and is located at the City Hall.

Inside this treasure, the best known piece is the linen tunic of King San Luis, from the 13th century.

The main rosette on the north face "has been able to preserve", according to the Minister of Culture, but he was more cautious about the other two, waiting for his status to be verified.

He acknowledged that the stained glass windows have suffered damages and did not want to advance his opinion on the situation of the great cadres, who due to their size could not be evacuated.

The two towers and the façade remain intact and, according to the first elements, the main organ – there were three – has been saved, although it will have to be restored.

The minister emphasized that "there is great concern" about the impact that may have caused, especially in the wooden beams, the water used for the extinction of the fire.

Riester insisted that the State will assume its responsibility in the reconstruction that since Monday night announced the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and in parallel confirmed that it is going to start up "a great national subscription" so that individuals can contribute funds.

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, proposed on Tuesday the celebration of "an international donor conference" in which would participate experts and that would serve to raise funds.

The president of the region, Valérie Pécresse, indicated that her institution will contribute 10 million euros, after noting that "this reconstruction is going to cost very expensive and we will dedicate ourselves from now on".

Since last night, some donations from large French billionaires, such as those of the Arnault family (owner of LVMH), which has promised to put 200 million euros, and the Pinault (shareholders of the other great luxury group, Kering) have begun to flow in. , who will contribute 100 million euros.


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