Two television presenters from the Balearic Islands, arrested for fraud in hiring jobs for municipalities

Raül Valls and Victoria Maldi.  / JF ORTEGA

Raül Valls and Victoria Maldi. / JF ORTEGA

Acquaintances TV presenters Victoria Maldi and Raül Valls They were detained last friday for the National Police as alleged authors of various crimes of document falsification and fraud. Your company would have filed fAlsas offers for audiovisual productions from various municipalities on the island to get the jobs. The two were released after refusing to testify at the police station.

The research, developed by the Group of Economic Crime and Technological Crimes of the National Police, started from a complaint from the Llucmajor City Council, that it detected that among the offers it had received to carry out promotional videos of the municipality there was some that had been counterfeit. The police efforts pointed out that the Somriu company, owned by Maldi and Valls, had entered the public tender, but also allegedly he had falsified offers from other companies, with greater financial claims. In this way they made sure that they got the award.

The Police verified that they had repeated the alleged fraud in at least three other municipalities on the island. Once the investigation is completed, the agents summoned the two presenters to attend last Friday accompanied by their lawyers to the Palma Police Station. Once there, the Police informed them of their rights as detained. Both they refused to testify and they stayed in release with charges, so they will be summoned shortly to make a statement as accused in court.

The police investigation has discovered at least four alleged frauds to obtain adjudications of audiovisual works with municipalities of Mallorca, with those who would have achieved an illicit profit of about 20,000 euros. However, the case remains open and it is not ruled out that they appear more injured.


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