Two Swiss tourists drowned on a beach in the Colombian Tayrona park

Two Swiss tourists drowned on a beach in the Colombian Tayrona park

A Swiss man and woman drowned on a beach in the Tayrona National Park, located in the Caribbean department of Magdalena (north), Colombian authorities confirmed today.

The deceased are Diego Bigger, 31, and Kim Anne Millius, 22, who were part of an excursion that entered an area of ​​the park that has access restricted by strong waves.

Captain Jorge Mario Sanchez, commander of the Coast Guard of Santa Marta, departmental capital of Magdalena, said that the foreigners came walking to Brava beach and entered the sea, where they were dragged by a wave.

"The tour guide and the other people tried to help them, but it was only possible to get one out, the other two died drowned," Sanchez said.

Due to the maritime conditions, the Coast Guard had to wait several hours to reach the area to carry out the inspection and move the bodies to a morgue in Santa Marta.

The director of National Natural Parks of Colombia, Julia Miranda, explained that on the beach where the accident occurred, it is not allowed to enter the sea because the strong waves are dangerous.

"It is very important to remind people that they have to enter the authorized sites, they entered the sea that is beautiful but enraged and to anyone, even though they know how to swim, the current can take it and there are many accidents," Miranda added.

The Tayrona National Park is a protected place that covers the slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the areas adjacent to the Caribbean coast.

In addition, it is known for its coves covered by palm trees, coastal lagoons, tropical jungle and abundant biodiversity.


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