Two students awarded by the University of Oviedo give a sit-in to Felipe VI

Two students awarded by the University of Oviedo give a sit-in to Felipe VI

Two absences will star in the traditional reception of the kings of Spain to students of the University of Oviedo distinguished with the end of grade award. These are Diego Fernández and Juan Martínez: both have announced that they will give a speech to the Head of State and Letizia Ortiz in the meeting that is organized every year in the Asturian capital hours before the Prince of Asturias Awards.

"We do not owe anything to the Monarchy, we consider that the Princess Awards event is used every year to do a facelift to an institution like the Monarchy that increasingly represents fewer people, especially the younger generations" , they count n a statement released by The New Spain. And they add: "We refuse to enter a game in which we would be used as vases of an institution to which, far from paying honors, greetings or vassalage, we owe nothing."

Instead of responding to the invitation sent by the Royal House and the Princess of Asturias Foundation, Diego and Juan (students of Pedagogy and Psychology, respectively) will join the protest rally that each year in front of the Campoamor theater, in the Plaza de the scandal, criticizes the monarchical institution.

It's not the first time

In 2016, the student Álvaro Villegas, final award for his studies in Psychology, He also refused to attend the audience with the kings. In his rejection of the invitation, Villegas asked the President of the Foundation, Teresa Sanjurjo, to transmit "to the kings, other guests and patrons" that, if they want to congratulate him, "stop stealing, cut public services and deny a future to youth. "


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