October 21, 2020

Two Spanish series, in search of the International Emmy | TV

Two Spanish series, in search of the International Emmy | TV

On the left, Úrsula Corberó, Pedro Alonso and Paco Tous, in 'La casa de papel'. On the right, Ignatius Farray in 'The End of Comedy'. VIDEO: Trailer of 'The end of comedy'.

The great international moment that live the Spanish series has been proven by the interest aroused by the productions made in Spain abroad. The paper house, produced by Atresmedia and that Antena 3 issued in 2017, became the non-English speaking series most seen on Netflix. Spectators from all over the world they were hooked to the robbery of the Coin and Timbre factory of the robbers dressed in red overalls and Dali's mask. Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Pedro Alonso and Jaime Lorente have become international stars for their roles in the series. Y Álex Pina, creator of the series, has signed an exclusive agreement with Netflix. But it is not the only Spanish series that has drawn attention outside our borders. Television is now more global than ever, and Spanish television is also more global.

That golden moment that the national television fiction lives is certified by the double Spanish nomination to the International Emmys. The paper house Y The end of comedy could make history tonight if they manage to become the first Spanish series to get the award for best drama and comedy, respectively. The Antena 3 series opts for the prize competing against the Indian drama Inside Edge, the Brazilian Um against all and the British Urban Myths. On the other hand, the series of Comedy Central and Movistar + competes, with its second season, in the category of best comedy against the Mexican Crows Club, the Israeli Nevsu and the Canadian Workin 'Moms. The awards ceremony is held in the early hours of Monday 19 to Tuesday 20 in New York.

While The paper house is well known at this point, the nomination of The end of comedy It attracted more attention because it was a more minority production. Created by Miguel Esteban, Raúl Navarro and Ignatius Farray, the series follows the adventures of a comedian, Farray himself in a fictionalized version of himself, with a tone halfway between drama and surreal comedy.

In June, The paper house already won the award to the best dramatic series at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. The end of comedy It has national recognitions such as the FesTVal award for best screenplay or the award to Ignatius Farray as best comedy actor in the MiM Series.

The International Emmy Awards are granted by the International Academy of American Television to programs that have been produced and broadcast outside the United States. The awards were created in 1973, the year in which Antonio Mercero's film The cabin won the International Emmy Award for best television fiction. In 2015, Red Bracelets (Polseres vermelles), created by Albert Espinosa, won the Emmy Kids International in the category of best series, some awards that are included in the International Emmys and that reward programs aimed at a child audience.


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