January 24, 2021

Two Spanish prisons used brain stimulation in violent prisoners

Two Spanish prisons used brain stimulation in violent prisoners

The Penitentiary Center of Huelva and the Penitentiary Center of Córdoba carried out tests of brain stimulation by electric currents released to 41 prisoners considered violent in order to calm the most aggressive behaviors.

According to sources of Penitentiary Institutions to Europa Press, this experiment was carried out in 2016 in the penitentiary center of Huelva and in 2017 in the penitentiary center. This project, authorized by the previous Government, has been suspended and will not continue until they know the conclusions of a prison health report that is being prepared.

The treatment consisted of placing the prisoners, who participated voluntarily, electrodes on the head to carry a gentle electric current to stimulate the two cerebral hemispheres at the same time.

This treatment based on sessions of brain stimulation of about 15 minutes and that was carried out both inmates with blood crimes and those who did not have it – as a control group – lasted for three days and after this time He concluded that these stimuli served to lower the aggressiveness in parameters such as verbal violence, physical violence, anger and hostility. The aggressiveness is mediated thanks to a test of 40 questions that were made to the prisoners both before and after the stimulation.


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