April 14, 2021

Two Spanish documentaries, nominated at the Berlinale | Culture

Two Spanish documentaries, nominated at the Berlinale | Culture

Two Spanish documentaries, The silence of others, of Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar; Y Two Catalonians, of Gerardo Olivares and Álvaro Longoria, have been nominated in the Film for Peace and Justice category at the International Film Festival of Berlin. This 69th edition is celebrated from Thursday, February 7 until the next 17.

The silence of others won the Goya for Best Documentary at the gala last Saturday thanks to his impeccable narration of the crimes of the Franco regime. The film, produced by El Deseo, is an immersion into that legacy of evil, through the relatives of the disappeared of the Civil War (there are still 100,000 corpses in mass graves waiting to be exhumed), those tortured during the Franco regime and the thousands of cases of stolen children, snatched their mothers with lies even in the early eighties. These crimes are joined by two conditions: that they are crimes against humanity -At least they are considered in almost all nations, except in Spain- and that they have been investigated through a complaint filed in Argentina and processed by the judge María Servini before the silence obtained by the victims in Spain, except for the investigation of the magistrate Baltasar Garzón.

On video the trailer of the Netflix documentary 'Dos Cataluñas'.

The documentary Two Catalonians, produced by Netflix on the last months of the independence process, they are almost two hours organized mainly with brief contributions from a wide gallery of testimonies, mainly from the media and political universe. Also involved are academics and political scientists. In the process of documentation and realization, the authors maintained a total of 85 interviews.


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