August 5, 2021

Two serious workers by electrocution in some workshops in Madrid

Two serious workers by electrocution in some workshops in Madrid

Two workers were seriously injured today when they suffered a heavy electric shock when they worked in the Santa Catalina railway maintenance workshops in the south of Madrid, a 112 spokesperson told EFE.

The work accident occurred at 4.30 am, when the emergency service received a warning about the electrocution, so it alerted the SUMMA, who sent equipment to the site.

There they found that the most serious worker, a 46-year-old man, suffered severe head trauma, a contusive bruise on the face and second-degree burns on the face, trunk and arm.

The employee was about three meters high and was working on the catenary when he suffered a heavy shock and was fired.

In addition, he had burns in almost 40% of his body, said the source, who indicated that he was transferred to the Burns Unit of the Hospital of La Paz.

The other worker was on the floor when he was electrocuted and, although there was no trauma, the electric shock caused injuries to his face and shoulder, as well as second-degree burns.

He was taken to the Burns Unit of the Getafe Hospital, where he was admitted, also with a serious prognosis.

The source indicated that an investigation will be opened to determine the exact circumstances of the incident.


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