Two rescued dog puppies thrown into a container in Zaragoza

National Police officers have rescued two of the seven puppies alive from a litter of dogs that was thrown into a garbage container in the municipality of Zaragoza.

As reported by the General Directorate of Police, the warning voice was given at around 7:00 p.m. last Sunday through a call made to the 091 police emergency service by a person to warn that, in a container located on the road del Abejar, there could be some abandoned cubs.

The agents displaced to the place were able to verify that inside the container there was a blue bag with seven cubs inside, five of which were dead and the remaining two with few signs of life, hardly moving and with difficulty breathing.

With the help of the person who had given the alert, the policemen obtained a blanket and a stove to give them heat, as well as some milk channeled through a perforated glove to try to suck up the liquid.

After a consecutive hour of care, the head of an animal shelter arrived at the scene to take care of the cubs, congratulating the agents since their quick intervention had saved the lives of the two.

Later, both animals were transferred to a veterinary clinic in the Aragonese capital to achieve their full recovery.

The sources cited warn that both the mistreatment and the abandonment of animals is legislated, stipulated and punished in the Penal Code


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