May 10, 2021

Two referees of the final still do not lead a game in Spain

Two referees of the final still do not lead a game in Spain

The final controversy of the Copa del Rey in which Barcelona beat Real Madrid still colea. Juan Carlos García González and Miguel Ángel Pérez Pérez, two of the referees of that match, will celebrate their fifth day in the "fridge" of the Endesa League this weekend. In the announcement that every Thursday does the ACB of the arbiters appointed for the day is neither of them. The one who will lead a meeting will be Benjamín Jiménez. The third of the members of the final was only two weeks in the «fridge» and on Saturday the Delteco GBC-MoraBanc Andorra will whistle.

García González and Pérez Pérez have been running since February 17 without leading a match in Spain, although they have called in different courts of the Euroleague. The two errors that led to his stay in the "refrigerator" were a clear lack of Randolph to Singleton, which could have been intentional and would have certified the Barça triumph. And less than two seconds from the end they gave valid a decisive basket of Ante Tomic that did not enter. They considered that he had received an illegal stopper when the ball had already touched the ring so it was a totally legal bounce. hoop previously, so it was a legal bounce. The referees reviewed the television images, but did not rectify their initial error.

After the final, Real Madrid showed their indignation with the refereeing and even insinuated that they wanted to leave the League, while both the ACB and the employers of the referees recognized the seriousness of the errors and apologized for what happened.


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