Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Two priests were dismissed in New York after credible allegations of abuse

Two priests in New York were dismissed this Tuesday from the ministry and included in a list of those who have been accused of sexual abuse in the jurisdiction of the Diocese of the Brooklyn district, after the allegations against them were considered "credible."

The priests were identified as Charles White and Hugh Byrne, both retired, who will not be able to celebrate mass publicly, perform any service related to their office or live in the parish residence, according to a statement from the Diocese.

A Review Board for these complaints made up of lawyers experienced in child abuse, ex-order officers, civilians and mental health professionals evaluated four cases of complaints against priests and two of them, those of Joseph Nolan, and William With, were not considered " credible. "

According to the statement, the complaint against White, 79, for sexual abuse of a child, was for events that occurred in the 1970s and presented through a web page for these cases, on March 29, 2018 and sent to the authorities that same day.

According to the complaint, the alleged abuse occurred between 1974 and 1978 when White was assigned to a church in the district of Queens. While that case was being investigated, another complaint was made on February 1, 1999 against the same priest, but the Board determined that it was not substantiated.

In the case of Byrne, 86, the sexual misconduct attributed to him occurred between 1971 and 1973, when he worked in Brooklyn, and was filed on December 20, 2017.

At the beginning of this case, the board found that there was a prior complaint against the priest, dated June 15, 2006 for events that occurred in 1996, but there was no record of the investigation, although it was reported to the authorities.

Records show that after an initial interview, the alleged victim did not proceed with the accusation.

The 2006 case was reopened and investigated simultaneously with the complaint made in 2017 and the Board also determined that it was credible, the Diocese also said.

It is expected that as of tomorrow, when the "Child Victims Law" enters into force in New York, thousands of lawsuits will be filed against churches, child care centers, Boys Scouts, foster parents, among others.

This law, which Governor Andrew Cuomo signed last February, will allow alleged victims of abuse to open a civil process until the age of 55 and file criminal charges until age 28, compared to 23 allowed by the previous law.

It also establishes a one-year litigation period for any victim, regardless of age, to take civil action.

Some lawyers have already said that tomorrow they will be in court with the first complaints.

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