June 16, 2021

Two police generals arrested for links to criminal network in Peru

Two police generals arrested for links to criminal network in Peru

Two generals of the National Police of Peru (PNP) were arrested for allegedly belonging to a criminal organization accused of irregular charges to merchants, the Peruvian Interior Ministry reported today.

"Our commitment in the fight against corruption does not know the spirit of the body," the Ministry said through its Twitter account.

The generals José Figueroa and Dwingt Vásquez are identified as alleged members of the criminal organization "The Untouchables Ediles", who were charged to collect "quotas" so that merchants can sell ambulantly in the populous and commercial Lima district of La Victoria without permission municipal.

The former mayor of La Victoria Elias Cuba was sent to preventive detention last August as alleged leader of the same gang, accused of charging 25 million soles (about 7.6 million dollars) a year to merchants in the Gamarra emporium, the area most important textile trade in the country, as well as the Fruit Market.

In addition to these irregular charges, the criminal network also demanded similar payments for parking spaces and food fairs, where each sale was rented for 10,000 soles (about $ 3,000).

Parallel to the two generals, other members of the police were also arrested, said the public prosecutor in crimes of corruption of officials, Reynaldo Abia Arrieta.

Last October, the prosecutor Abia denounced that senior officials of the National Police showed no interest in providing adequate support to investigate this criminal organization.


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