April 14, 2021

Two people who were cruising in Japan die for the coronavirus

Two people who were aboard a cruise ship that was quarantined in Japan earlier this month and were infected with COVID-19 died in the last hours, local media reported today.

The deceased, two passengers of the Diamond Princess, are a man and a woman, about eighty years old. The public television network NHK and local news agencies Kyodo and Jiji Press, who reported these deaths, did not provide their identity, although they said they are two Japanese.

The cruise was quarantined in the Japanese port of Yokohama on February 3, with 3,700 people on board, but since then it was discovered that about 600 passengers or crew had been infected with the coronavirus that sprouted in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Only one more person has died in Japan because of COVID. 19. The previous case, a woman in her 80s, died on February 13 in the prefecture of Kanagawa, south of Tokyo, whose capital is Yokohama, although her identity was kept in reserve by the Japanese authorities.

According to the last official balance, a total of 621 people who were in the Diamond Princess were infected by the coronavirus that, apparently, carried a passenger who disembarked in Hong Kong before arriving at Japanese ports.

The medical teams had practiced a total of 3,011 contagion tests on board the cruise until Wednesday.

Outside the Diamond Cruise, approximately 80 people in Japan have tested positive, and only one of them has died.

The two passengers of the Diamond Princess who died had been admitted to a hospital when the positive result of the tests performed was confirmed. One of the victims was evacuated from the ship on February 11 and the other the next day.

Hundreds of passengers left the cruise on Wednesday at the end of the quarantine period set by the Japanese authorities, and the rest is expected to do so between today and tomorrow.


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