March 7, 2021

Two people still hospitalized for the explosion in Florida mall

The Fire Department of Plantation, in South Florida, reported Sunday that of the 23 people who were injured after the explosion in a local mall only two remain hospitalized and in stable condition.

Of the total number of injured as a result of the explosion that occurred on Saturday at the Fountains Plaza shopping center, 19 of them had to be transferred to local hospitals, including a minor, although to date only two remain hospitalized.

The head of this unit, Joel Gordon, reported that a seriously injured person is recovering satisfactorily and is in stable condition.

The origin of the incident has not been confirmed by the authorities, who hope to resolve it in a couple of days, although a gas leak originating in a pizzeria vacated for months, called PizzaFire, remains the main hypothesis, according to the mayor of Plantation , Lynn Stoner, who toured the area this Sunday.

The Police opened the shopping center this Sunday, as well as the surrounding streets and access roads, although the area most affected and including the LA Fitness gym remains cordoned off and workers picking up debris.

The owners of the vehicles parked in the parking lot near the area where the explosion occurred have been informed that during the course of this Sunday they will be able to pick up their cars, many of which have suffered serious damage.

In this car park, after the explosion occurred at 11.30 local time (15.30 GMT), large pieces of broken concrete were observed, some of which broke the windscreen of the cars, while metal remains shot up several meters away.

Some responsible for the shops have been able to enter to begin the reconstruction of the premises, amid mounds of broken glass and debris.

"Seen what happened, it could have been much worse," Gordon said on Saturday, who confirmed that when they arrived at the site they found broken gas connections, which are investigated to see if they had to do with the origin of the event.

"We felt that the whole building was shaking, the roofs began to collapse, the windows flew," Christina J., a neighbor of the mall, told the Miami Herald shortly after the explosion.

The Fountains Plaza has more than fifty stores, including restaurants and sports or clothing stores.

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