July 25, 2021

Two people die shot in the town of Orcoyen (Navarra)

Two people die shot in the town of Orcoyen (Navarra)

Two people have been shot dead this morning in an address in the Navarrese town of Orcoyen, Efe sources have informed the Government of Navarra, who have indicated that the causes and circumstances of the event are unknown at the moment.

SOS Navarra has received the call alerting of the event at 11.36 am and has mobilized the medical team of the area and a patrol of the Provincial Police, as well as a psychologist.

The agents of the Foral Police, when arriving at the house, located in number 9 of the Stroll Jose Saramago, have found in their interior to two men killed by firings.

From the City Council of the town they have indicated to Efe that in the house lived a man of about 50 years, from a very large family, whose parents had already died.

This man and a sister were still residing in Orcoyen, while the rest of the brothers had already left the town.

In the place, they have indicated, there remains a discreet device of the Foral Police, which has taken charge of the proceedings of the event.

The Provincial Police has stressed that the owner of the court that instructed the case has decreed the secrecy of the summary, so it will not provide more information on the case.


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