Two people arrested for raping a 17-year-old girl in Burriana

Two people arrested for raping a 17-year-old girl in Burriana

The Civil Guard has detained on Tuesday two men as alleged perpetrators of a sexual assault on a minor of 17 years old when he returned to his home on New Year's Eve in Borriana (Castellón), as Europa Press has learned from sources familiar with the facts. The action of the Civil Guard began when the agents learned, through the Hospital de la Plana in Vila-real, of the assistance to a minor of 17 years, who had allegedly been the victim of a sexual assault when she was about to return to his home in the early hours of January 1, as reported by the institute armed in a statement, which does not specify the number of arrested.

The civil guards belonging to the Burriana Judicial Police Territorial Team went to the hospital and, after interviewing the victim, established the corresponding protocol for this type of crime. After starting an investigation, the agents identified, located and detained on Tuesday the alleged perpetrators of the sexual assault. The detainees, along with the diligences instructed, will be available to the Court of Guard of Vila-real, who has decreed secrecy of the proceedings.


Burriana City Council has called a rally tomorrow, January 3, 2019 in rejection of the aggression that suffered a minor yesterday in the municipality of Castellón. The concentration will take place at 12 noon in the Plaza Mayor as an act of protest against the sexual assault suffered by a minor, neighbor of Burrina, during the early hours of January 1, whose alleged perpetrators have already been detained by the Civil Guard.

"Facts like these can not and should not go unpunished, nor can they be tolerated in a democratic, egalitarian and free society like ours", have added local government sources. The city council has condemned "in a firm and forceful way the facts occurred" and has wanted to express its support and solidarity with the child and his family "In addition, they were especially grateful for "the efficient performance of the police for the investigation carried out and subsequent detention of the alleged perpetrators, having declared the secrecy of the proceedings by the competent court"


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