July 27, 2021

Two pediatricians and a nurse, assaulted by the family of a recently deceased baby in Granada | Society

Two pediatricians and a nurse, assaulted by the family of a recently deceased baby in Granada | Society

A little before twelve in the morning of this Tuesday, a baby has died in the Mother and Child Hospital of Granada. When the two pediatricians and a nurse from the area of ​​Neonatology, where the death has occurred, have communicated it to their relatives, the situation has become violent and The three professionals have been insulted and attacked. The police have identified one of the relatives as one of the alleged aggressors, although they have informed the newspaper that they have not arrested him, but will be called to testify in the next few days. Fayna Gomez, delegate of the nursing union Satse in the center and president of its Personnel Board, explained that "while they were speaking, the whole family has been around the professionals and there has been physical aggression and insults for all, doctors, nurses and even for the sworn guards who have attended the incident. "

After the aggression, the National Police has mounted a safety device in the hospital that has remained standing until mid-afternoon. At the last minute, the situation had already normalized in the medical center.

The blows and shoves have had obvious consequences for the nurse. According to Gomez, "he has received a strong push against the door, which has caused him to have to give him several points on his forehead." It has not transpired if the pediatricians have also required some medical attention of this type. For its part, the hospital management has issued a statement in which it "shows its strongest condemnation" to this aggression. After what happened, the center has activated the Plan for Prevention and Attention to Aggressions of the Andalusian Health Service, which, among other things, makes available to aggressed professionals who wish medical and legal assistance as well as psychological support.

Physical aggression or serious intimidation against health professionals in the exercise of their public welfare function, explains the statement of the center's management, is included in the Criminal Code as an offense against the authority, and thus sentences have been issued in different cases with penalties ranging from 12 months to 3 years in prison.

Fayna Gómez has shown her concern about the situation in which medical professionals live. "It should not happen but we come to work with fear because these aggressions are too frequent," he explained. Next Thursday, the Nursing Union has called a rally at 10 am on the doorstep of the Maternal and Child Hospital to protest this aggression.


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