April 21, 2021

Two out of three freelancers have been in charge of their business for more than three years

Two out of three freelancers have been in charge of their business for more than three years


Of the 3,253,039 freelancers in Spain as of December 31, 2018, 1,993,902 are self-employed (61.3%), that is, six out of ten. On the other hand, 38.7% of the self-employed are registered with some type of society, that is, 1,259,137 people. These are some of the data of the «Autonomous Profile 2018», a study prepared by the National Federation of Autonomous Workers Associations-ATA.

From ATA have highlighted that during 2018 the data published by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security have shown an increase of both the individual and the corporate individual. For example, the self-employed with their DNI, that is, as a natural person, have increased by 1.6% in the set of 2018 (+31.128 entrepreneurs) and the number of self-employed registered in the RETA with some type of legal form did it + 1.7% (21.597 more freelancers).

As for the years that the self-employed who are physical persons lead their activity, it should be noted that, more and more self-employed workers manage to consolidate their businesses and move on.

Therefore the mortality of the activities of the self-employed has been reduced since, two out of every three autonomous in our countrys, specifically 66.7% are more than three years old, and one in two (54.7%) has been in charge of their business for more than five years. Only 16.7% of the self-employed have less than one year of seniority as a self-employed worker.

In this sense, from ATA have highlighted that all the previous shows how the flat rate extension worked And there are many who dare to start their own activity, given that entrepreneurs who have less than a year have increased 40.6%. "A very necessary and expected measure", have pointed from this association.

Another fact that points towards a consolidation of the activities of the self-employed, is that the group that has been in charge of its activity for more than five years has increased by 0.4% in the whole year.

Quotation for the minimum base

Regarding the contribution base, 86% of the self-employed individual quotes for the minimum base compared to only 0.7% of the total (14,262 self-employed workers) whose contribution base is more than three times the minimum base. Thus, there is 14% of the autonomous individual who have decided to contribute for a base higher than the minimum established by Social Security.

On the other hand, of the 31,128 autonomous individuals who have joined the Autonomous Regime in 2018, and62.2% were women versus 37.8% of men (11,772 new male entrepreneurs and 19,356 female entrepreneurs).

If we look at the age of the self-employed, practically one in two are between 40 and 54 years old. And 26.8%, is over 55 years old. Thus, more than seven out of ten freelancers (72.7%) of the self-employed individual quoting Social Security in December were over 40 years old. On the contrary, only 1.9% of the self-employed individual have less than 25 years of age.

By sectors of aActivity, trade, construction and agriculture have concentrated at 44.7% of the total of autonomous individual. On the other hand, real estate activities are the least chosen and only for the 1.1% of the self-employed, that is, 22,089 people as of December 31, 2018.

Employment creation

The study also points out that of the almost two million autonomous individuals, one in five (21.8%, 434,104 people) have at least one worker in their charge. In particular, the number of employers has increased by 1.6% (+6,802 self-employed workers) in the whole of last year, growth similar to that of self-employed workers who have no dependents, who have increased by 1.6% .

The workers hired by self-employed workers have also increased. As of December 31, 2018, the autonomous group with the highest growth it is the group with more than five workers in its charge, which increased by 2018 by 5.2%, to post 45,252 self-employed workers.


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