September 19, 2020

Two NGOs denounce the "obstacles" that Madrid puts to immigrants to abort | Society

Two NGOs denounce the "obstacles" that Madrid puts to immigrants to abort | Society

Two organizations have requested the Ombudsman, Francisco Fernández Marugán, who investigates the "obstacles and delays" that immigrants face in order to access an abortion in the Community of Madrid. Women's Link and the Commission for the Investigation of Ill-treatment present on Thursday a complaint with six cases of women without authorization to live in Spain who, between 2016 and 2018, had difficulties when they asked for a voluntary interruption of pregnancy, which in Spain is free and it is covered by public health until the 14th week of pregnancy (and up to the 22th due to medical causes).

In the complaint, the first that they present of this type, the organizations denounce the difficulties derived from the decree that restricts access to healthcare for immigrants without a residence permit. They are asked for documentation and a 90-day census that they normally do not have, or can not prove. Time is against you.

Five of the six women whose cases are included are potential victims of trafficking or sexual exploitation. In one of the six cases they present, a woman of Nigerian origin, with a nine-week pregnancy and a victim of trafficking, waited 15 days for the health care document. She was 11 weeks pregnant, close to the legal limit.

The first affected in 2016 was a woman of Chinese nationality who was put in trouble for two months in Spain. Between January and October 2018, the other five cases occurred. The NGOs ask the Ombudsman for help in accessing more data that will allow us to know the reality of this matter. "In these six cases, thanks to the intervention of different organizations, women finally had access to their right to abortion, but we do not know what will be done. past with other women who have not been informed correctly or have not had support ", explain from the Commission for the Investigation of Ill-treatment.

They ask Fernández Marugán to help them know how many voluntary interruptions of pregnancy are practiced in the public and private health of the Community of Madrid by age, nationality and personal situation of the patients. They ask to know what professionals are in the health centers and what their training is and how regularly do immigrant women in irregular administrative situations, potential victims of trafficking to health centers to access abortions and what nationality are these women.


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