August 8, 2020

Two new cases raise 212 people affected by listeriosis in Spain

The Ministry of Health has confirmed on Tuesday a total of 212 cases of listeriosis related to the consumption of contaminated meat, of which 204 are in Andalusia, four in Aragon, two in Extremadura, one in Castilla y León and one in Madrid.

68 probable cases and 66 suspects have also been reported in Aragón, Asturias, Canarias, Castilla y León, Castilla La Mancha, Cataluña, Comunidad Valenciana, Extremadura, Madrid and Melilla, many of them under investigation and pending results.

This data has been released by the Health Alert and Emergency Coordination Center (Ccaes) of the Ministry of Health, where it has been highlighted that Andalusia has notified a new confirmed case in the last 24 hours.

Most of the cases have been registered in Seville (168), but they have been found in almost all the provinces of the community: Cádiz (10), Granada (5), Huelva (17) and Málaga (4).

58% (118) of the cases are women, with an average age of 46 years and an average age in men of 51 years.

Since the beginning of the alert, three deaths have been recorded, two people over 70 years of age with severe comorbidities and one person over 90 years old.

In addition, there have been four abortions (two in less than 22 weeks of gestation and another two after 22 weeks of gestation), reported the Ccaes, which also highlighted that there is an infected newborn.

According to the Andalusian Ministry, the baby born with infection continues with antibiotic treatment.

Along with the cases in the Andalusian community, Sanidad has counted five cases confirmed by laboratory, two in Aragon, one in Castilla y León, one in Extremadura and one in Madrid – an 8-week pregnant woman who has suffered an abortion.

And three cases confirmed by epidemiological link -all suspicious case that has not been studied in the laboratory, but has been in contact with meat-, one in Extremadura and two in Aragon.

As of yesterday, Monday, the average incubation period for confirmed cases is 3.33 days for the total cases since August 1 and 3.04 days for cases since August 15.

There are no confirmed recorded cases of listeriosis with exposure date to the suspected food after August 23.

On the other hand, this Alert Coordination Center remembers, but without counting it, the case notified on August 23 in an English citizen, diagnosed in France on August 16 and with a history of consumption of a cold pork meat in Seville on August 13th.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, María Luisa Carcedo, said she only knows "by means" the alleged infection by listeriosis of six people from the same family in Germany, since she has assured that "there has been no official communication" of the German authorities in this regard that allows your department to confirm that these cases are related to the intake of contaminated meat.

The possible intoxications to which the minister referred on Tuesday in Congress would have been registered in the German town of Lahr and would have affected six people from a family to which a Sevillian brought roasted meat of the brand "La mechá" el last August 21.

As Efe told this young man, Simeón Gallego, the meat was consumed in a family meal and all those who ingested it began to develop the symptoms of the disease, although they have recovered well, except for their partner, who still continues in treatment.

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