April 10, 2021

Two naked presenters and some improvement: successes and mistakes of the Goya 2019 | TV

Two naked presenters and some improvement: successes and mistakes of the Goya 2019 | TV

The awards galas are always long, heavy, tiresome. And the Goya 2019 awardsAlthough the memory left by the ceremony last year has improved in some aspects, they have also been, although not as much as other times. Andreu Buenafuente and Silvia Abril accepted the difficult task of carrying out the award ceremony that crowned Champions as the best movie of the year. The three and a quarter hours that the awards have lasted have given much, both good and bad. This has been the best and the worst of the Goya from the television point of view:

– The presenters

Buenafuente and Abril come from the world of TV and it shows. The start of the gala, although too long (they spent almost 20 minutes until the first prize was given), was fun, with a video as a mini action movie with the presenters fleeing a supposed disaster ceremony. The speech to duo between the two distributed taunts to politicians and assistants, besides including several feminist demands in the mouth of Silvia Abril. Throughout the ceremony they reappeared on several occasions, almost always the two together, as in the funny gag in which they finished half naked on stage to give the award for Best Costume. Maybe some interaction with the stalls was missed.

Andreu Buenafuente, in a moment of the Goya.
Andreu Buenafuente, in a moment of the Goya. WireImage

– Rhythm and script

The gala last year had set the bar so low that it was easy to overcome. And indeed, the 2019 ceremony has worked better than last year's. Although that does not mean it has been the best possible version of the Goya. The gala has been extended until three and a quarter hours, 15 minutes more than expected. On this occasion it was decided not to cut the speeches of the winners because for something it is their night (although in some cases they were invited to limit the speech with loud music). And that has extended more a gala that has had several momentazos, as that performance of Rosalia and her version of I stay with you of Los Chunguitos, despite the fact that possibly its appearance within a few minutes of starting was burning a large cartridge too soon.

However, little was understood when the Goyas became Got Talent with the appearance of a charanga, the tuna, a batucada and a dance group in the middle of the awards to the shorts. Or the gag of Berto Romero and David Broncano hanging, a moment that started with grace and ended up becoming too long and stealing protagonism to the winners. By the way, the best joke of the night was not the presenters, but Màxim Huerta in what was possibly the most surprising appearance of the night: "Do not worry they already know that I'm short". Briefness that did not facilitate the envelopes, closed to lime and song, and some delivery people who were not able to foresee that situation and anticipate to open them. In any case, the gala has had better pace than in recent years.

An essential mention, by the way, to the speech of thanks of Jesús Vidal, full of emotion that crossed the screen. The clearest example of what David Trueba told Buenafuente that the important thing is not that a speech is short, but that it is good.

Màxim Huerta, in the Goya 2019.
Màxim Huerta, in the Goya 2019. EFE

– Scenography

It has been a success the tribute to the cinema that served as a backdrop to the awards with a large red curtain and a neon that simulated the entrance of a cinema. Elegant and clean but at the same time cozy and warm to clothe the coldness of an awards ceremony like this one. The stage was large enough to accommodate the winners and the performances. The choice of the FIBES Seville Conference and Exhibition Center as a place to celebrate the awards has seemed correct.

– Technical failures and realization

We do not learn Last year, I already stumbled on this aspect and it has happened again. At the moment of remembering those who are no longer with us, the protagonists should be them, the deceased, and their memory. But the completion of this year prevented that from happening. A general plan of the stage did not allow either to see the face or read the name and position of the person who was honored. He also did not show up to James Rhodes, a pianist who was playing live. Something later, Amaia Romero had to go on stage to interrupt the start of the musical number prior to the Goya for the Best song because they were not listening to the music. He always loves to rescue anything. Because Amaia is always real and that, on TV and in life, works.

In general, although it has not been the Goya dreamed gala (perhaps the expectations were too high), it has improved the note of the latest awards of Spanish cinema in some aspects. Of course, there are still many things to improve.


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