February 27, 2021

Two more hours of waiting for the Spaniards of Wuhan

The departure of the British flight that will repatriate about twenty Spaniards trapped in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the focus of the coronavirus, which was scheduled for five o’clock in the morning (21.00 GMT) has been delayed at least two hours, diplomatic sources reported today .

“It is a matter of hours that we are already Spain”, confesses excited Manuel, one of the Spaniards who is currently undergoing the previous sanitary controls to be able to board the plane chartered by the United Kingdom and that will bring them to our country. In fact, after the official communication by the embassy that they would leave China today, they have been asked to come to the airport six hours in advance to perform all kinds of tests to ensure that they are not infected by the coronavirus. “We are perfectly,” explains the coach of the soccer team of the Chinese town. Even so, since the incubation period for this virus is, according to experts, 14 days, the health authorities want to confirm their health status 100%.

One of the controls that the Spaniards have passed in Wuhan before arriving at the airport

One of the controls that the Spaniards have passed in Wuhan before arriving at the airport

“We return home. Theoretically, the plane leaves at 05:00 in the morning,” says Oliver Cuadrado. As soon as he hung up, he called his wife: “The first thing I thought about was my family. With the first person I spoke with my wife. I woke her up because there (Spain) it was very soon. She was very happy. “She immediately prepared her suitcase.” I had it done since the second or third day of isolation. I just had to pick up the bag and close the suitcase. We have all come with luggage on the floor of the sports director. ”

Twenty Spaniards who have been trapped in Wuhan (China) for a week (21 plus six non-Spanish couples or children) are already in the toll zone and will be transferred to the airport in a bus. They will be evacuated aboard a British plane that will stop in London and then take them to Madrid, sources close to the rescue deployment were informed to Efe. The forecast is that they depart at 09:00 hours from Wuhan, 02:00 Spanish peninsular time. Once in the United Kingdom, they will get off the plane and get on another course to Madrid without having to go through a terminal. Some extremes, both the time and the plane, that although they were not confirmed by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, who reiterated on at least three occasions that “the evacuation of the Spaniards will be done in a short time” without specifying when.


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