Two months confined and rehearsals to return to the circus tent in June

The state of alarm caught them by surprise and some twenty circus artists have had to immediately adapt to the circumstances and remain during the period of confinement in the Toledo town of Yuncos, where they have not stopped rehearsing every day in the hope put in power to return to the tent before the public in June.

The 'Inimitable' Circus, of Italian origin but which brings together artists of different nationalities, arrived in Yuncos at the beginning of March where he performed the last three functions -on days 6, 7 and 8-, a show aimed mainly at the public child with which they intended to tour the Peninsula to spend the summer in the north, in Galicia.

This has been reported, in statements to Efe, by Eda Kelly Zavatta, daughter of the directors of the Circus 'Inimitable' and artist of one of the numbers of this show whose members have been 'trapped' in a municipality in the Toledo province of who have been unable to move for the past two and a half months.

However, their day to day has not been able to change beyond the confinement to which all Spaniards have been subjected to combat the coronavirus and, therefore, daily - in the morning or in the afternoon - the artists of this circus have eager to rehearse his numbers to keep his skills intact and to offer his talent seamlessly on his return to the stage.

"If we do not rehearse, it is impossible to start again," said Kelly Zavatta, who explained that once the state of alarm was decreed, the company decided to dismantle the large tent in which their show was offered and set up another one with a smaller dimension. so that each of the artists can maintain their training rhythm.

In fact, he has said that this time of confinement has even allowed them to try new disciplines and perfect their numbers to return, if possible, with more force and some news in the performances of "pole dance", the skaters or the rodeo.

A similar situation had never occurred to them that would have forced them to stay in a place longer than expected, much less because of a global health crisis, but they have tried to face it "as best as possible, although it is complicated," says Zavatta, because they are numerous. families and there are six children among them.

After Yuncos, his next destination would have been Valdemoro (Madrid) but the planned functions had to be suspended, these and many others that represent incalculable losses, the circus artist has lamented.

In any case, given the difficulties of moving to Galicia in summer as planned, the province of Toledo and southern Madrid will be the next locations, and so until the end of the year, where they hope to offer their show.

A horizon to which they look, he explained, with a certain "fear" and with his sights set on June 12, the day they hope to return to the tent, perhaps outdoors and with all the hygiene, safety and capacity that the sanitary authorities mark.

With fear but also with some hope they await the arrival of the next phases in the de-escalation because "recovering is complicated", Zavatta stressed, but they trust that people are not seized by fear and want to enjoy the circus show again.

Meanwhile, during their stay in Yuncos, which has lasted longer than desired because of the COVID-19 - for which no artist has been infected at the moment - they have found support from the City Council as well as well as the parish priest, who, knowing the circumstances they were going through and the number of families affected, have provided them with help and food, a gesture for which they are very grateful, has concluded.

By Silvia Bejarano


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