Two minors arrested for group rape of a teenager in Palma | Society

The National Police has arrested in Palm to two minors for their alleged participation in the group rape to a 14-year-old teenager during Christmas Eve in the neighborhood of Camp Redó. Those responsible for the investigation have affirmed that the arrests occurred on Monday and that the investigations are still underway to locate other young people suspected of participating in or consenting to sexual assault.

Sources close to the investigation have explained that the events occurred on the night of December 24 to 25. The youngest was in the Palmesan neighborhood of Son Gotleu where he met a group of more than five young people of Spanish nationality with whom he decided to celebrate Christmas Eve. The group subsequently moved to an apartment located in the Camp Redó area of ​​the Balearic capital where, according to the investigation, there was a group sexual assault.

The agents try to determine the degree of involvement of the rest of the young people who were part of the group and whether they participated in the sexual assault or consented to it without doing anything to stop it. After the events, the child informed her mother of what happened and went to present the complaint at the National Police station, where the Family and Women Unit took charge. The National Police does not rule out making further arrests throughout the day. The Juvenile Prosecutor He has been informed of the investigations carried out so far.


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