Two million to attract national tourism in summer

A group of tourists walks through the streets of Puerto del Carmen, in Lanzarote. / carrasco

Under this initiative, 3.5 million air seats will be offered

EFE Santa Cruz of Tenerife

The Minister of Tourism of the Government of the Canary Islands, Yaiza Castilla, presented this Friday the campaign to which they are destined
€2 million to attract Spanish tourists during the summerand during which they will be offered
3.5 million airline seats.

A campaign in which, in the words of the Director of Communication Projects for the Final Client and the Canary Islands Tourism Professional, Elena González, a so-called native advertising strategy will be used, which consists, "to put it very quickly, in
sneak our contents without being nhey«.

In other words, the contents are integrated into the environment, "in such a way that the user is more receptive to them, they do not perceive it as advertising because we have served the content of interest to the public of interest", in the words of Elena González, who has given as an example that when someone reads a
gastronomic content you will receive information from
Canarian cheeses.

This action is co-financed with European funds and the forecast is to reach
270 million impacts and achieve 5.5 million views and 1.2 million clicks on the web page The councilor has stated that the campaign will focus on communicating little-known aspects of the Canary archipelago, in order to arouse curiosity, and always showing the offer of sun and sand.

To carry out this campaign until October, air connectivity will be 11 percent higher than that of the summer before the pandemic, 3.5 million seats on planes that will connect the Canary Islands with 24 airports in the rest of Spain, a figure to that had never been reached, said the counselor.

Yaiza Castilla has indicated that some of these places will be occupied by Canarian residents who return to the islands, and other foreign tourists who do not have direct connections, and has commented that there is no objective in terms of the number of Spanish visitors, although it is wanted that , as in 2021, be the main market.

The minister has indicated that all Canarian airports will increase traffic compared to 2019, except Tenerife South, where there are traditionally more charter operations, and has stressed that in the case of La Palma the capacity will increase by 114.5 percent, so that the offer will be more than double what it was before the pandemic.

He pointed out that, at the moment,
rising costs and inflation do not affect trips to the islandsand added that as a result of the pandemic there have been changes when hiring trips, so that it is done with less notice, although the counselor has considered that this trend will disappear.

Another change has been the length of stays, which are now longer, and the number of holidays taken with family or friends has also increased.

The campaign will take place from May 19 to July 6and to start it up, the target audience has been identified, has indicated the director of Communication projects, Elena González, who has acknowledged that they are trying to "steal" clients from destinations such as the Balearic Islands, Gracia or Croatia.

Elena González explained that, although the objective is the sun and beach tourist, the message is built enriched with proposals linked to other resources.

The campaign will be carried out both outdoors, with information panels, as well as on television, radio, digital press, podcasts and social networks.

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