Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

two million euros for the renal diagnosis

CreatSens: dos millones de euros para el diagnóstico renal

After three years of research and more than a year with the company already established, the five founders of the spin-off of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili CreatSens will begin this exercise to develop the first prototype of its innovative device for renal diagnosis. But launching a medical product to the market, in addition to slow, is very expensive.

"We have achieved about 300,000 euros of investment to date and we anticipate that we will need an additional two million euros in the next two years, when we will bring the product to market," explains Adrià Maceria, co-founder and CEO of the company.


10% of the population suffer from chronic kidney disease

The technology developed by the spin-off It consists of a non-invasive device that allows to control and detect chronic kidney diseases through a simple drop of blood and in just five minutes.

In addition to being a simpler and less invasive method than the current ones, it is much cheaper: the device has an estimated price of less than 300 euros and each test costs around two euros. The technology has been validated at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona.

The market that CreatSens is targeting is wide. It is estimated that 10% of the world population suffer chronic kidney disease and that 3%, about 200 million patients, are in treatment or on dialysis, according to data provided by the company itself.

CreatSens was founded in September 2017 by Adrià Maceira, Francisco Javier Andrade, Marta Novell, Tomàs Guinovart and Pascal Blondeau. For the development of the company have had the help of Acció, EIT Health, La Caixa or FRIAT, among other entities.

The spin-off has been one of the ten companies participating in the IQS Next Tech, the first industrial acceleration program in Spain, where it has been chosen as the Most Promising Industrial Startup of 2018 and will travel to Boston to continue promoting all its technology in the program of immersion Richi Entrepreneurs.

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