Two local policemen beat two people who were recording an arrest in Arrecife

Some videos show how two local policemen from the capital of Lanzarote beat two people who were recording an arrest. The images show that the agents were detaining a man who was immobilized on the ground, while two other people, a man and a woman, appreciated the scene and one of them recorded the events.

The Voice of Lanzarote publishes these videos where you can also see how one of the policemen throws the cell phone with which the woman is recording the arrest to the ground. Then, the man next to him faces the agent, who begins to beat him several times until he knocks him to the ground.

The woman then came to defend the man and was also beaten. At one point, the other agent who was with the detained person also came on the scene to beat one of these people.

Meanwhile, residents of Arrecife contemplated the events from their windows and recorded with their mobile. “This is abuse of power,” they shouted.


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