Two killer whales spotted in Canary waters – La Provincia

Two killer whales spotted in Canary waters - La Provincia

The Canary waters, thanks to their physical conditions of temperature and abundance of fish, they are inhabited by a great diversity of marine fauna. Up to 86 species of sharks and different rays have been documented, such as the angelfish ('Squatina squatina'), the hammerhead fish ('Sphyrna mokarran'), or the Solrayo ('Odotapis ferox'), among others. But in addition to the most famous fish of the sea, another species can be seen-occasionally-in the Canary waters: the orca.

This is the case of this video, which dates from this month of October, in waters close to La Gomera, in which you can see two orca specimens swimming behind a boat.

Other sightings of marine fauna in the Canary Islands

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Sighting of a shark & ​​# 2013265923; n-whale on La Palma

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& # 2013266080; Encounter between a shark and submariners in Fuerteventura

They spot a shark on the north coast of Gran Canaria

A hammerhead shark in Canarian waters

Whale watching in Waikiki, Corralejo

Orcas in the majoreras waters

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A couple of 'chuchos' in Morro Jable->


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