June 15, 2021

Two Jordanian ministers resign after the death of 21 people in floods

Two Jordanian ministers resign after the death of 21 people in floods

Jordanian Tourism Minister Lina Annab and Education Minister Azmi Mahafzah today resigned after 21 people died last week from torrential rains, mostly children, Efe told parliamentary sources.

Both ministers attended the Parliament today, along with other members of the Executive, to give explanations on the management of the crisis before a commission of investigation created by the Chamber for that purpose, according to the sources.

The Minister of Tourism announced through the social network Twitter that she has submitted her resignation: "In the midst of the general political climate and the painful circumstances that crossed and crosses the country, today I submitted the resignation of my position in the Government as Minister of Tourism and Antiques, "he said.

The owner did not offer more details and for the moment the Jordanian Executive has not confirmed the resignation of the two ministers.

The head of the parliamentary commission, Abdul Monem Oudat, told the state news agency Petra that "investigations revealed errors and crimes by some ministries, which caused some ministers to resign during the course of the investigation", without further details.

After the tragedy, some parliamentarians had called for the resignation of Prime Minister Omar al Razaz's government en bloc.

Al Razaz said his government "accepts the practical and ethical responsibilities" of what happened and promised that the guilty will be punished.

The media pointed out that this high number of victims could have been avoided, most of them children between eleven and thirteen years of age who were on board a bus that was washed away by the waters after a bridge collapsed, in the area of ​​the baths of Al Zara, on the shores of the Dead Sea.


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