Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Two Jamaicans in isolation due to coronavirus symptoms

A Jamaican who recently returned from China was placed in isolation after showing high temperature, one of the signs that people suffering from coronaviruses show, which makes him the second person in the Caribbean country in this preventive situation.

The Minister of Health and Welfare of Jamaica, Christopher Tufton, reported Tuesday that samples were taken from the patient that will be processed on the island in a local laboratory and also sent abroad for analysis.

This is the second person isolated in Jamaica after returning from the Asian country with symptoms of the virus.

Until Sunday, in addition to the two patients in isolation, there were another 10 in quarantine in government facilities and almost 80 more in their homes.

“A person who had spent approximately eight days in China and had a high temperature was detected, so he was isolated according to our protocols,” Tufton told a news conference about the case.

Tufton said that the Ministry of Health and Welfare will closely monitor the evolution of the patient, while in the other case it is expected that the person will be released shortly.

“Between January 23 and February 8, a total of 116 people who had been in China 14 days before arrived in Jamaica,” the official said.

Health ministers and health officials from the countries of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) agreed earlier this month to develop a common communication strategy to combat disinformation about the coronavirus.

The Council for Human and Social Development of Caricom met in Guyana to hold an emergency meeting chaired by the Minister of Health of Antigua and Barbuda, Molwyn Joseph, in which the issue of the coronavirus was addressed.

On February 4, the cruise ship Aida Perla, with 3,000 people on board, docked in the Dutch part of San Martín, after being rejected in several Caribbean territories for fear of infection by coronavirus.

The prime minister of the part belonging to the Netherlands of St. Martin, Silveria Jacobs, said then that there was no reason to panic, since the Aida Pearl does not represent a threat of potential contagion of coronavirus for the island, although despite granting docking did not allow the crew to disembark.


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