Two health workers arrested for sexual abuse of sick women in ambulances in the Canary Islands | Society

The Civil Guard has stopped in Gran Canaria a health professional and an ambulance driver, aged 63 and 55, for allegedly sexually abusing several patients during the transfer of them and for having stolen a watch and 10 euros to one of them, who could not transport their personal belongings due to his illness and age.

The armed Institute indicates in a statement that the investigation carried out in the town of San Mateo began on March 19 following the complaint of one of the victims. However, later the agents located two more women who told them similar facts and assured that one of the cases went back to April 2017.

The story of the victims and the witnesses allowed the agents to discover that the ambulance workers had allegedly taken advantage of the helplessness of the patients -all women between the ages of 43 and 85- up to four times, for " perform sexual touching in their intimate areas and other acts of humiliation. "

According to police inquiries, the health worker actively participated in the abuses. In the first of the cases investigated, the driver collaborated by covering up the crime. The two detainees had been working together regularly for nine years and only worked with other colleagues during holiday periods.

The detainees, responding to the initials of J.A.L.D. and A.J.P.G., are accused of four crimes of sexual abuse and one of larceny and have been handed over to the corresponding guardhouse in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


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