December 1, 2020

Two headers settle a level Levante – Elche

Two set pieces heads ended with a draw a level match between I raised and the Elche in which the locals were superior in the first half, while the outsider group reacted to tie in the resumption.

Levante lacked consistency to accompany their initial goal with a second goal, while Elche, after the break, sought the equalizer and got it, although from then on they folded lines to maintain the point they obtained.

Levante formed with a 4-4-2, with De Frutos on the right and with Dani Gómez and Morales as the most offensive resources. For its part, Elche did not come out with a defense of five, usual in some of the last games, and ahead of a line of four, they placed five midfielders with Boyé in attack.

The 1-0, head marked by Melero at the exit of a corner, it reflected the greater initiative of the local team in the initial section of the match.

Levante, urged by the need to win, dominated a rival who could not find a way to approach the local goal, while the Valencian team’s players hovered around the goal of Edgar Badía and created approaches of a certain danger.

Only in the final stretch of the first period did the Argentine Jorge Almirón’s team let go and he had a chance to tie on a Guti pitch that Aitor Fernández rejected a corner.

The match was more leveled at the beginning of the second half, as the Elche team took a step forward, with alternatives in the game, but with very little presence in the areas.

As the second period progressed, Elche was forced to be more offensive to, at least, level the score and little by little he began to control the center of the field, before a Levante that had given ground in terms of ball possession.

As had happened in the 1-0 win in favor of Levante, the merits of the one who played the best was reflected on the scoreboard and also on set pieces with Tete Morente’s header after a free kick by Josema.

The local technician, Paco Lopez, gave entry to Radoja and Roger, who returned with a single training session after his loss due to covid-19, to try to get his team to regain control shown in the first half hour of the game.

He did not succeed, as his arrivals did not intimidate Edgar Badía, but neither were clear options for the comeback of the Elche team.

The Levante had more bite in the last bars, but the match ended with an insufficient point for the locals and with which the outside team remains satisfied.

Data sheet

1 – Lift: Aitor Fernández, Son, Postigo, Vezo (Duarte, m.81), Clerc, Malsa, Melero (Radoja, m.74), Campaña, De Frutos (Roger, m.74), Morales (Sergio León, m.81) and Dani Gómez (Rochina, m. 65).

1 – Elche: Edgar Badía, Barragán, Gonzalo Verdú, Diego González, Josema, Josan, Marcone, Guti (Mfulu, m.79), Tete Morente, Boyé (Carrillo, m.90 + 2) and Pere Milla.

Goals: 1-0, m.12: Melero. 1-1, m.64: Tete Morente

Referee: Figueroa Vázquez (Andalusian committee). He admonished Clerc for Levante and Boyé, Diego González, Mfulu and Tete Morente for Elche

Incidents: match played at the Ciutat de València behind closed doors. The Levante players came out wearing a shirt that read “Ánimo, Pedro”, dedicated to Pedro Catalán, father of the club’s president, Quico Catalán, who is hospitalized.


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