October 1, 2020

two great landmarks originated in Madrid

We had to wait for the end of Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s speech in the debate on the state of the region to find the pearl she had hidden, one of those moments that amaze experts in Political Science and leave journalists speechless. As part of the attempt to describe Madrid in heavenly terms – the new “City on a Hill”, Spanish version, with which the presidents described the US in the Cold War as the beacon of hope in the world -, the president denied that there is racism in the Community and what better way to do it than by resorting to a racist attack that occurred a few days ago? That required a few verbal contortions, but that has never been a huge obstacle for her.

Three underage girls insulted and spat at a South American couple in the Madrid Metro last week. The words they used had a clear racist intent, but that is not what Díaz Ayuso saw. “Although at first it seemed like a racist question – Díaz Ayuso understands that you are confused -, deep down it is not. Not only because in Madrid integration, especially Latin American, is a reality, “he said.

Díaz Ayuso had another explanation in which only she has noticed: “What happens to those girls? Family breakdown, drugs and other addictions such as new technologies, which are a breeding ground for violence and marginalization at a very early age.”

The wave of pornography that invades us was missing. The blame is on drugs and TikTok with which young people share filthy audiovisuals. How strange that he did not blame video games as well, which used to appear on all the lists of things that the police have to watch closely. Racism? Not at all. How can there be if there is no racism against Latin Americans in Madrid, if Madrid is Spain, the beacon and watchman of the West, the place where so many Spaniards flee from communism, as we have heard so many times.

Ayuso, on racist attack in the Metro: “It is not only racism. It is family decomposition and drugs”

It was predictable so much praise of the ‘procés’ from Madrid. In the case of Díaz Ayuso and the PP, local pride acquires a clearly political tinge. Only Madrid is really free. Only Madrid welcomes outsiders with open arms – as long as drugs and abject new technologies do not get in the way – until it is like instant coffee. “Here one is from Madrid from day one,” he said, which will sound strange to all those who come to the big cities and are overwhelmed by places that do not have mercy on those who do not have enough money.

To highlight even more that Madrid is the most important thing in Spain and that the inhabitants of other regions are only to make a big difference, Ayuso appropriated in his speech great figures in history who made the mistake of being born outside of Madrid, but who later they corrected it obtaining great advantages in this way. There, he cited Galdós, García Lorca, Goya, Velázquez, Valle-Inclán and Pardo Bazán. Checkbook policy. Madrid signs the best, as in football. The others, who do quarry.

“The Galician Valle-Inclán created the genre of grotesque in our streets,” Ayuso boasted. What Valle-Inclán would not write today about Madrid politics and its president, pressing popular opinions in taverns and brothels.

For example, regarding the phantom threat of “squatting”, Ayuso announced the launch of a “112 Occupation” telephone and an office to deal with a matter that private television channels and the PP have turned into the false alarm of summer. The PP thus manages to occupy two contradictory positions: to put itself in the front line of combat before a dramatic issue and also to affirm that the problem is already in the process of being solved thanks to the Madrid government. In August, a counselor argued that housing occupancy has decreased 65% since October 2019. The same was just a mistake. Ayuso showed that he wants to continue squeezing that source of fear.

There is no process without economic issues in the first line. The president confirmed that the collapse of public accounts caused by the pandemic will not make her abandon her promise to lower taxes in this legislature. “These taxes should promote the incentive, never suffocate to paralyze the citizen initiative,” he announced. Hence, it intends to reduce all sections of personal income tax by half a point, which will benefit the highest incomes. It’s funny how you can go from being asphyxiated to breathing freely thanks to half a point of the autonomic part. It must be another one of the ‘liberal’ miracles.

At the same time, he promised to invest 80 million more in three years in public health. Before, he had demanded that the central government provide extraordinary help to the Madrid accounts based on the population and also the impact of the pandemic. Those tax breaks are not going to pay for themselves. The other communities will have to do something on their part. Then, the blame will be on the central government because Moncloa ens steals.

Like any self-respecting speech at the beginning of the course, there were more promises, which will be answered by the opposition in plenary on Tuesday. It is a pity that the most serious problem that the Community of Madrid has is not what happens in the rest of the legislature, but what is happening right now. Primary Care consultations with physicians who see 60 patients every day. People who take a week to get an appointment with their GP. PCR tests on people who have been in contact with a positive for which you have to wait many days, although most likely they will tell you to stay at home and problem solved. 27,404 new cases reported since Friday throughout Spain, of which 10,864 have been produced in Madrid.

It was an unforgivable forgetfulness that some PP deputy did not shout after Ayuso’s speech: “Pre-privileged skull!”


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