July 9, 2020

Two girls take two bell rounds with their car and the first thing they do is record a video for Tik Tok

The video was recorded while they were still inside the injured vehicle while waiting for help.

It happened on November 16 in the United States, in the state of Pennsylvania. Two teenagers were aboard a car when they suffered a traffic accident that caused them to give two bell rounds.

Far from a panic situation, the occupants of the wrecked car recorded and uploaded a video to the Tik Tok platform immediately after the accident, while waiting for the authorities.

Marissa Bordas and Katie Cornetti, both 16, are shown in the video synchronizing their voice with that of a song, for moments later to show the inside of the vehicle with the busted moons, the overturned car and they still face down.

Cornetti explained that the accident took place due to a badly mounted tire that caused the vehicle to lose control and take two turns of the capman after taking a turn. The young woman also acknowledges that they recorded the video after making sure they were both good and to help deal with the situation.

Neither one suffered serious injuries, only Katie was hurt on one of the lips, the product of impacting the mobile on her face at the time of the accident. The video has already gone viral on social networks, where almost two million people have already seen it. Various opinions have been generated in the networks about “what people are capable of doing to have a minute of publicity, even risking their lives”.

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