Two founders of IDental arrested for defrauding 60 million euros | Society

The judge of the National Court José de la Mata has ordered the arrest of eleven people on Tuesday the IDental scam, among them the two founders of the network of dental clinics that has left thousands of patients without treatment in Spain. The magistrate accuses them of diverting funds from international investors destined to refloat companies in crisis to their personal assets. The amount of the allegedly defrauded exceeds 60 million euros, as reported by the National audience it's a statement.

The magistrate, who investigates the plot of IDental since last spring, has also ordered records in the provinces of Madrid, Alicante, Murcia, Granada, Girona and A Coruña. According to judicial sources, the detainees allegedly created a corporate structure to raise funds to refloat companies in crisis. However, they explain, the objective of the researchers was to keep the money put by Spanish and foreign investors, knowing the economic viability of the clinics. All this to the detriment of workers, suppliers and customers.

Last October, the investigation already allowed to abort the attempt of the managers of IDental to raise a new network of clinics, called Associated Dental Institutes, with 27 centers distributed throughout Spain. On this occasion, those investigated had the connivance of employees of credit institutions that were in charge of granting the necessary loans to make the investments. The members of the organization progressively decapitalized the companies and through frontmen, shell companies and bridge accounts hid the final destination of the money.

In the case of Idental, the people investigated deceived the patients, who made them hire loans to finance their dental treatments, with supposed discounts of up to 80%, at the expense of inflating the budget, and based on alleged subsidies from public bodies state non-existent and very aggressive marketing policies.

Among the detainees are the two founders of the Idental group, one of whom has been arrested in the United Kingdom, with the collaboration of the British authorities. This person would be planning to implant new dental clinics in Britain. In the operation, crimes of fraudulent administration, continued fraud, misappropriation, property uprising, document falsification and money laundering are investigated, all of them in the context of a criminal organization.


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