Two foreign clubs bid hard with Barça for Alberto Moleiro

Alberto Moleior, during training at the Ciudad Deportiva de Barranco Seco. / UDLP

The player, oblivious to the negotiations, gets fit in Barranco Seco. A European team now offers more money than the Catalans

PETER GARCIA The Gran Canarian palms

The hourglass is still on the negotiating table. While the
FC Barcelona thinks about it, two tough rivals of the first European level activate the mechanisms to undertake the signing of Alberto Moleiro.
UD Las Palmas, who are in no hurry,
is waiting for the next movement of file by azulgrana, that has left the Moleiro issue parked, but not dismissed. While its president, Joan Laporta, is willing to buy and transfer Moleiro, its director of Soccer, Mateu Alemany, thinks quite the opposite, since coach Xavi Hernández wants to have him for the tour of the United States.

In the meeting held last Monday at the Camp Barça offices -announced by this newspaper- between Laporta, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, Alemany and various advisers, The point of most disagreement was always related to the transfer of footballer. It is true that FC Barcelona is now undertaking a series of more important signings than Moleiro's and that it is trying by all means to alleviate its delicate financial situation, but it seems
willing to offer 8 million at the signing of the contract, plus variables and 15% of the capital gain in the event of a future sale. A transaction very similar to the one that was already done with Pedri in 2019.

President Miguel Ángel Ramírez assured on the microphones of Onda Cero that the total amount to be paid for this sale would be around 26 million. This issue was also discussed at the meeting, since there are several payments that the culé entity must still pay in terms of variables. A minor issue, because Barcelona and Las Palmas have always respected what was agreed, and economically, in most cases, they fulfilled the task.
The relationship between clubs is in good health and is more than remarkable, and that of Joan Laporta with Ramírez, even better.

Although in that first face-to-face there was no agreement, the option of Barcelona is not ruled out, but the Barcelona club could lose that privileged position that it did have at the beginning of the bid. Moreover, the player would already have advanced his contractual conditions -five seasons-, because his preference and that of all the parties involved is that the operation be formalized with Barça.

Right now, there is a world-class foreign club that is willing to pay a little more and would consider the loan option. On the waiting list, another team that will play the Champions League, and further away is the
Manchester City and Villarreal, which at the time already sent a total offer of 15 million euros, to be paid in three installments, but it was rejected when the UD understood that it was not enough money.

The footballer, apart from the negotiations of the clubs, continues to concentrate on the day-to-day of the preseason, taking the desired shape and thinking only that for the coach García Pimienta he is one of the fundamental pieces for the team.
The footballer from Tenerife already stated during his vacation that his short-term goals were none other than to extend his contract with UD and be promoted to the First Division dressed in the yellow shirt.

UD Las Palmas and its president Miguel Ángel Ramírez already fulfilled the first of their goals on July 5: three more years of the remaining contract with amounts to be received as a token according to their termination clause: 30 millions.
Ramírez, in his speech on June 9 in the press room at the Gran Canaria Stadium, made it clear that Alberto Moleiro would play this season at UD Las Palmas. and therefore, he does not want to break his word, although the conversations for the sale have made this desire very complicated. However, UD Las Palmas never leaves anything to chance. The next chapter for Moleiro is yet to be told and written: its sale, closer.

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