March 1, 2021

Two fires in Madrid and Segovia threaten the Guadarrama National Park

A fire declared in the mountains of Madrid, specifically in Miraflores de la Sierra, and the other near the Royal Site of San Ildefonso-La Granja, in Segovia, threaten to reach the Guadarrama National Park.

The fire of Miraflores has originated around 2 pm and as explained by the head of civil protection of the municipality, Miguel Ángel del Peso, "goes long" with the wind "as the worst enemy", while the one located in La Granja is "medium controlled" and is expected to suffocate before night comes.

The Community of Madrid has activated level 1 of the Emergency Plan against forest fires, while the Junta de Castilla y León has declared level 2 of danger because it is on the border of the National Park.

In the case of La Granja, sources of the Territorial Delegation of the Board in Segovia have explained that the level increase is not due to the fact that the fire is acquiring greater proportions but to the section that establishes level 2 referred to that the fire " may lead to emergency situations that lead to the national interest.

The Ministry of Agriculture has displaced a total of thirteen aerial means, and several brigades of specialists to help extinguish both fires.

The Miraflores, a municipality very close to the Guadarrama National Park, has three foci and has affected "many hectares", according to the head of civil protection of Miraflores de la Sierra, Miguel Ángel del Peso, who explained that they work around 200 and 300 operators from different security forces and provinces.

"At the moment it is a very compromised situation, very delicate, there are three open fronts and the problem is that about fifteen minutes ago the wind direction has changed, which has turned the fire on," said Del Peso to the media.

Del Peso has also said that, "without wanting to think badly," from one point to another, that is, from Miraflores to La Granja, it takes an hour by car, which coincides with the difference between the start of the two fires.

The Director General of Emergencies of the Community of Madrid, Luis Villarroel, explained on Twitter that "the closest area where work is intensifying is the area surrounding the National Park."

For his part, the second deputy mayor of Miraflores, Pilar Jimeno, explained that the municipal corporation has built up two provisioning areas with a hospital and food and drinks for the displaced workers.

He also specified that, once the fire originated, a student residence in the municipality, in the direction of Puerto de la Morcuera, where 35 summer camp children were found was evicted "preventively"

The strong smoke has forced to cut from the M-611 road between kilometers 6 and 32 in both directions, which remains closed and the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) advises drivers to avoid this route to facilitate the work of firefighters.

The residents of the area have lived with concern the first hours of the flames with the retina set in the previous forest fire that devastated the Madrid towns of Cadalso and Cinderella.

"The deployment of firefighters has been spectacular and has slowed our nerves," said Efe Julia one of the neighbors of the municipality in this summer.

The other fire has started at 14.45 hours, for reasons not determined, in the area known as 'Caserío de Urgel' of La Granja and although it was initially reported that he had crowned the Sierra de Segovia has not yet arrived " but not much is missing ", as explained to Efe by a technician from the Junta de Castilla y León who participates in the work of extinction and has flown over the area.

According to the same source, "they will try to put out the fire tonight and have it controlled tomorrow morning if conditions do not change."

A total of eleven aerial means, like helicopters and amphibious airplanes, dependent on several administrations, as well as 68 people, work in their extinction.

The City Council of San Ildefonso La Granja has ceded the sports center of the population to accommodate the troops of the UME.

With unfavorable wind, the smoke column can be seen from the surrounding municipalities, even from the capital.

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